Valentine’s Day 2015

It’s been three years since I began my KonMari journey. I read Marie “KonMari” Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up in January 2015. I literally kissed the book when I finished reading it. I had to do this process in my messy home- it was a big commitment and I really wanted it to happen so I decided to start a FaceBook group. The idea for the group was to create a place to share successes and challenges, especially since the book doesn’t specifically address dealing with a family home. I figured there would be a few others on the same journey. Three years later and we have thousands of members!
The magic started right away. I found out through the Facebook group that Marie Kondo would be visiting San Francisco and thanks to Stacey from the group for sharing the almost impossible to find details of the event I was able to meet Marie Kondo in person. She glows with a sweet softness and joy-sparking presence which made me love the method all the more. Meeting her made me realize that I could complete her method and that I could let go of self-criticism about doing it wrong. If we follow our joy while doing the method we are doing it right and will be successful! 

Kid’s room Before

Kid’s Room After

My home is now much more organized, easier to clean and totally sparks joy! Which has been an incredible transformation, but really I have changed personally in profound ways. As Marie Kondo says, “Through tidying you will learn to like yourself.” I have found this to be true, I am kinder to myself and it allows me to be more confident and comfortable being myself, which is exactly how I want my daughter to feel.
During my KonMari session one day it dawned on me that how I felt about myself would become how my daughter felt about herself, regardless of what I said to her about how she was lovable, worthy, and capable. I struggle with feeling afraid of making mistakes, being vulnerable, not being perfect or creating perfect things. These negative feelings are not what I want to pass down to her. I want her to feel loved, confident, and capable of doing anything without fear or self-criticism holding her back. I want her to know and love herself so she can be herself. Which means my commitment must be to love myself, be myself, and share my ideas in order to model how it’s done.
I have returned to going to therapy regularly to work on my self-compassion and I have been doing the self-compassion meditations that I am always sharing in the FaceBook group. I was thinking that meditation was connected to the KonMari Method since asking the Joy or No Joy question is all about tuning into your inner guide. I hadn’t made the direct connection that learning to love yourself was an acknowledged part of the method until I read in Spark Joy, by Marie Kondo that “the greatest change that occurs through tidying is that you will learn to like yourself.” This is happening for me, slowly yet surely, and my hope is that it is happening for you too. It makes all the difference in the world- it makes joy possible.
In her  talk in New York, Marie Kondo made the claim her method would lead to world peace, and I wondered what she meant. Now I understand that once we face our belongings we will learn to like ourselves, and from there we will be loving and kind to ourselves and to everyone around us.  
I’m so grateful for all that I have learned over the years. I’ve even become Certified as a Simplicity Parenting Coach and a KonMari Consultant. This journey has meant a lot to myself and my family. And now I’m helping other families transform their homes and lives. I offer a group and individual program, Creating Calm Life Transformation Program helping moms become Tidying Queens themselves, which has just started this year and we are already feeling the magic that happens when women come together. You are welcome to join the waitlist for the next gathering that will start in September.  Come join the fun and follow my Facebook Page where I regularly share tips and inspiration for your Creating Calm journey.
If you are ready to make KonMari Magic in your home your first step is to download free  instructions and checklist (which includes a kid and baby section)! It will help you organize your organizing.
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